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ARACHNODATA, established in 1986, is the world's one and only Information- and Consulting Agency for scorpions and other arachnid animals. It is a little private and non-subsidied agency. 

ARACHNODATA's major goals are to provide advanced knowledges and practice about  scorpions in all sciences fields and to mediate top professional arachnological expertise on all other arachnid orders (except Acari) with an unlimited offer of individual services to all scientific and non-scientific parties which require support and assistance in a particular field of interest.

ARACHNODATA maintains close cooperative links with the members of the major arachnological societies and many other institutions, organizations as well as individual specialists in other sciences fields throughout the world.

ARACHNODATA furthermore hosts a library with >3'000 books and papers primarely on scorpions (including a few own publications), a representative scorpion collection of >4'500 specimens and a small video-/phototheque (under construction).  Any contribution from whoever is very appreciated! A list of standard literature on scorpions is available with recent new releases!

ARACHNODATA is currently active in the coordination, management and supervision of a few national and international projects on scorpions and as consulting partner to a number of institutions and organizations.

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For general informations on arachnology or particular arachnid taxa, consult the website list on the link page.

How scorpions are collected, packed and shipped in the safest manner and what should be done in case of a scorpion sting, these informations you find on this page.


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